12 | 06 | 2020

Leggings With Pockets So Big, You Don't Need a Purse

Like many women alive in the year 2020, I live in leggings. I not only wear them to workouts, but on weekends, on my bike commute to work, during the workday, and even when I’m heading to dinner or a show.

If you’re at all similar, let me introduce you to a simple thing that will make a world of difference in your day-to-day life: leggings with huge pockets. I’m not talking about that little key pocket in running tights. I’m talking about hearty side pockets that can carry your phone, keys, ID and credit cards, lip balm, cash, and whatever else you need to haul (within reason).

It might not seem like much of a difference if you’ve never tried them. After all, you carry a purse or bag with you most places, right? But once you have pockets available, you’ll use them all the time. Just think about how many times a day you get your phone out of your purse and put it back a minute later, or how often you carry your whole purse with you even though all you need is your debit card to pay for lunch. Then consider how much time you spend digging through your purse looking for whatever you need. Pockets just make everything easier.

This is especially true for workouts. Years ago, I would carry along a full hardcover workout book as I went about my routine, flipping to the exercises tabbed with Post-It notes, penning in my sets and reps, and browsing through the other chapters during my rest periods. Now the practice feels archaic—it’s all on my phone.

Until I had leggings with pockets, though, I had two options for checking my phone as I moved from one exercise to another: go through the hassle of taking it in and out of my arm band (which is annoying after you do it three times in five minutes—by design, it doesn’t come out super easily), or just shove it in the back of my pants and hope for the best. With pockets, though, checking my phone takes two seconds—and I don’t have to worry about the $400 tiny cellular computer in my pocket getting water damage from my back sweat.